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Army 58 Division Scores string of battlefield victories against LTTE

Army Captured Motar GunsSri Lanka Army 58 Division soldiers yesterday (Jan 31) scored a string of victories against the LTTE terrorists in the Visuamadu area with a loaded collection of battlefield trophies.

Infantrymen of 11 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (11 SLLI) operating under 582 Brigade captured a well fortified LTTE camp located south of Piramanthalkulam last morning.

Troops sweeping down the A-35 road (Paranthan - Mullaittivu) on west-east axis came across the LTTE camp located north of the 12th milepost around 11.20 AM. Troops captured the camp after beating off the terrorist in a pitched battle and found 9 bodies of LTTE cadres with an assortment of weapons. Two T-56 riffles, one M-16 Light Machine Gun (LMG) built in the USA, and nine USA made TIPPMAN A-5 air riffles were among the weapons found. Also, troops found a fully air-conditioned bunker built underground in the camp premises.

Meanwhile , infantrymen of 6 Gamunu Watch (6GW) maneuvering towards Challai lagoon captured a highly fortified LTTE camp located in the jungle , east of Puliyampokkanal on the same morning. Troops believe that the camp was used by the Black Tigers or the band of suicide bombers. Troops came across the camp on the eastern bank of the Piramanthal Aru, about 7 km north of the A-35 road around 11.30 AM and captured the camp after a heavy confrontation. Troops found 2 bodies of LTTE cadres along with a large haul of arms ammo listed below:





120 mm Mortar Guns  3 RPG bombs  13
81 mm Mortar Guns 2 Claymore Mines  8
82 mm Mortar Gun 1 Arul Bombs 35
80 mm Mortar Guns  2 Detonators 100
T56 Riffles  18 Radio set  1
Multi Purpose Machine guns 6 FMC Pistol Rounds 3000
Sniper Riffle  1 Gas Mask 35
Thermo-baric weapons  2 Helmets 48
Disposable RPG  8 Integrants tools 75
Hand Grenades 59 12.7 mm Tripod 1
Pistols  20 Pouches 35
RPG launchers 3    


In the general area Kariyakvayal south, infantrymen of 9 GW attacked a terrorist group detected about 4 km west of Challai lagoon on the same morning. Both ground sources and intercepted terrorists radio transmissions reports confirmed heavy damages to the LTTE. Troops during subsequent search operations found 53 T- 56 riffles.

Meanwhile, snipers deployed in the forward areas of 58 Division claimed shooting down of 7 LTTE cadres during the day.

Counter terrorist operations are being continued with the terrorists fast withdrawing towards Challai.



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