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Group of stranded Sri Lankans in Bangkok airlifted

Sri Lankan citizens, who are currently stranded in Bangkok, were to be flown out by a special flight yesterday, a senior official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. Speaking to Daily Mirror, he stated that a Sri Lankan Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Colombo was to be diverted to an airbase in Bangkok to pick up close to one hundred passengers including a few crew members. He further added that priority was to be given to SriLankan Airlines crew members, and passengers holding SriLankan Airlines tickets.


‘Don’t disturb Sigiriya’s beauty and tranquillity’

The government is to illuminate Sigiriya at night to attract tourists.

One recalls the attempt made by the previous government to implement a similar project which was stopped due to protests made by the public. It seems the present government is back with the same or some amended plan. Details are not known.


'Hostages freed' at Mumbai hotel

 Indian army snipers climb scaffolding opposite the Taj Mahal Palace hotel
Indian army snipers climb scaffolding opposite the Taj Mahal Palace hotel

A number of hostages have been freed from one of Mumbai's top hotels - one of several sites in the city targeted by armed men - eyewitnesses said. But the situation at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel remains confused, with explosions and gunfire heard coming from inside the hotel.

Police chief AN Roy says gunmen are still believed to be holding hostages at the Oberoi Trident hotel. The series of attacks began late Wednesday and have killed 101 people.

More than 300 people were injured after the attackers, using grenades and automatic weapons, targeted at least seven sites in the main tourist and business district. Around 40 people were believed to be held hostage at the two hotels, and hundreds trapped in their rooms, as troops began surrounding the buildings soon after they were taken over by the armed men. Eyewitness reports from the hotels suggested the attackers were singling out British and American passport holders.

From zenith to nadir

Who is doing the toughest job in the world? Is it the US military commander in Afghanistan? Or, is it Sri Lanka's army chief? Their jobs are tough, no doubt. But, in our book, no one's job is tougher than that of Prabhakaran's speechwriter. Poor guy must be having a hard time drafting his boss’s speech for Thursday.

Prabhakaran has boasted that, if President Mahinda Rajapaksa thinks of taking Kilinochchi back, he is only daydreaming. This rhetorical statement has infused a great deal of hope into the LTTE combatants and sympathizers. Will Prabhakaran be able to live up to their expectations? Or, will he have to eat his words shortly? Kilinochchi is becoming increasingly indefensible for him owing to the sheer number of troops moving eastwards having secured the area west of the A-9 highway with two more columns moving out of the peninsula. But, fight Prabhakaran must to defend that township in keeping with his ill-advised vow.


LTTE light aircraft attacks in Colombo and Thalladi, Mannar

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) light aircraft bombed locations in Mannar and Colombo. According to our information bombs have fallen near Thalladi, Mannar where a Sri Lanka Army base is located. At least 1 soldiers was injured in the attack in Mannar.

Meanwhile the air defense system was activated in Colombo and parts of the city was placed under a blackout upon detection of a suspicious aircraft at around 10.45PM. LTTE aircraft managed to drop at least one bomb near Kelanathissa power plant. Resulting explosion triggered a fire which caused damages to parts of the coolant system connected a gas turbine which was currently not in operation. power supply to other parts of the country continued without interruption.

Reports of smoke and explosions from other areas such as Colombo Harbor and the Kerawalapitiya plant are due to the air defense system being activated. There were no LTTE attacks on any of these locations.

Air Force destroys LTTE aircraft - Mullaittiuvu

Sri Lanka Air Force has shot down one of the aircraft belonged to LTTE terrorists this morning (Sept 9).

Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara speaking to said, the aircraft has been shot down in the Mualaithiuvu skies while running away following a failed mission.


Latest update LTTE Aircraft Bombing

Zlin-143s had taken off from Mulaithivu and had travelled over the sea and entered the Trincomalee Bay from the east. The target of the Zlin's had not been the Jetliner as originally thought. Act to demonstrate to the world and Tamil Diaspora that the LTTE is still alive and well.
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