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Sri Lankans should change their lifestyle habits to prevent diseases and early aging


Sri Lankans need to start leading healthier lifestyles in order to prevent diseases and early aging, says Ms. Nelly Daetwyler, a prominent Health and Nutrition Consultant. "People need to become more aware of what is going into their body", she stressed. A new medical perspective emerging today is that many people are suffering from high acidity levels, often caused by an excess of processed foods and low alkaline levels due to a lack of fresh fruit, vegetables and other organic materials, she said in an interview with The Sunday Island. This in turn is creating an imbalance in the body with the excess of acidity linked to many diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis, skin problems amongst others. Ms. Daetwyler, who trained in Switzerland, said the build-up of acidity in the body can often be caused by a person’s mental health as well as physical. "People can have a lot of emotional turmoil in themselves, such as hatred and jealousy, and all of this becomes toxic baggage in the body".

High acidic levels in the body can also be caused by a large consumption of processed food, stress, lack of physical exercise, environmental pollution and an excessive intake of drugs, she noted.

These factors are common in western countries and Sri Lanka is going down the same unhealthy path, Ms. Daetwyler warned. "I could see what the rest of the world had done in the last ten years starting to happen now in Sri Lanka".

Sri Lankans living in the cities are more at risk of such diseases as they generally have a higher intake of processed foods and lead stressful and busy lifestyles, she explained. "They are intoxicating themselves".

She still believes that Sri Lanka can beat this problem before it gets out of control, "Sri Lanka is a small country so we still have a chance to overcome this problem".

Ms. Daetwyler said that through natural, chemical free therapies and treatments, she is already helping many of her patients to lead healthier and happier lifestyles. Learning to eat right, get regular exercise, receive sufficient sleep and maintain positive thinking are of key importance.

She would like to see those from the middle class lead healthier lifestyles as "if we have a healthy middle class in Sri Lanka this will reflect on both the upper and lower classes". However, implementing nutritional programs in schools which teach children about waste disposal as well as making them aware of healthy eating is also something she would like to see in the future.

"The whole world is moving towards this new awareness. I like being a part of it", she noted. "It’s coming to Sri Lanka, there’s no stopping it".

~ ~ By Gemma Wilson