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How the LTTE was 'military' defeated: A Soldier’s view - Part Ten




a. Duty of GOSL: This is a sine qua non! Never waver, dither or vacillate in what to do with the captured LTTE camps or complexes or what to do in the north and east. As far as the LTTE training camps and complexes are concerned; if it was an LTTE jungle training camp it should be developed to be next SLAF’s Morawewa camp or SLN’s Andankulam camp, to turn the LTTE jungle camps into training plus fully fledged agricultural farms. So Military can do away with doing the victualing business with David Karunarathne sooner than later and save a lot of money to build houses for the needy warriors! If it was a military camp in a town area: develop them into military communities one finds in Fort Hood, Texas or Fort Benning, Georgia, USA or Yongsan, S Korea. If it was a building complex; turn in them to administrative buildings or AGA offices. This should be done without delay.
The Pentagon in US, Fort Bragg in North Carolina, the Joint Base Ballad (JBB) in Iraq, the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, the Kelly Barracks in Germany are all High Security Zones (HSZs) but I am yet to see the public anger on the streets in those countries to remove them. They are there for a purpose. For starters, the purpose is to maintain peace and stability of own country or the host nation. By the way when LTTE were in those camps, armed to the teeth, extorting money , corralling people at gun point, and planning mass murder but TamilNet or an ‘anonymous Tamil academic’ in Jaffna did not utter a word or there was not a whimper. Then why GOSL need or should yield or cower when some countries, organization or people want to have them dismantled in the north and east of Sri Lanka. Ask them to go and fly a kite at ‘paper’ planes of MIA. Wake up the ‘diplomutts’ in MFA and ask them to study what other countries do in similar circumstances, ask them to prepare a good information brief and present it to the western diplomats in Colombo. After reading the well presented information brief I am sure those learned diplomats would put their countries in order leaving Colombo to mind its own business.

Go to heck with the traditional Tamil homelands hogwash! Because of previous governments lacked the backbone or best diplomats to articulate GOSL’s message to other nations very effectively it does not mean GOSL should shy from doing what is needed. Once upon time it was a case of truth went by default the lies prevailed! Human tigers in fatigues are now extinct forever in the north and east, and do not make the mistake of allowing them rise as ‘phoenix’. To prevent or avoid it from happening, GOSL need to prevent ‘enclaves’ in any part of the country. No China Towns! No Tamil Towns! No Muslim Towns! Only Sri Lankan Towns! Go ahead and saturate north and east with all kinds of people. Let TamilNet cry all day long about the new settlements and let them post the pictures of the statues felled of the so-called LTTE ‘martyrs’ aka murderers of innocent civilians. Tell TN and its henchmen that you are going to put up a statue of little ‘Madduma Banadara’ to remind future young generations how to be brave or of Honorable Kadiragamar or IP Bastiampillai. By the way replace all the LTTE statues in the north and east with the ones of Tamil politicians, military officers, academics and government officials killed by LTTE. As far as the houses or homes of terrorists are concerned tell them that you are NOT going to do what Israelis have been doing, raze terrorists’ homes to the ground and build settlements or Kibbutz BUT are going to build toilets for public to ‘PISS’ and as a stark reminder NOT to ‘PISS OFF’ a peace-loving and tolerant nation ever again! GOSL needs to turn LTTE bases into SL military camps. If GOSL does not act now Sri Lanka will find itself soon back in ‘square one’ and regret it. I am sure Sri Lankans do not wish to live to rue that!

a. Duty of MFA-I would tell you this with almost certainty that the next war, if waged audaciously and foolishly by the Transnational Drealam Tamils incited by people like Film Director and Tamil activist S. ‘Semen’, oops Seeman, it would NOT be a war fought by Sri Lanka Army Special Forces in the Jungles of Wanni, in the mangroves of Mullivaikal or on the banks of Nanthikadl lagoon, but a war fought by the diplomats and staff of Sri Lanka Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Tamil intellectuals and their bought off academics and MPs in sympathetic governments with vested interests, hidden agendas or ulterior motives such as money making or expecting Tamil vote block, free supply of interns for their political campaigns.

The battle grounds will be in the media and in cyber space. If Sri Lankan diplomats are again going to behave like ‘diplomutts’ and the staff continue to sing Hosannas and act as lackeys to politicos and are appointed by politicos, then Never Mind! The Drealam will come true. GOSL need to tell sternly to each and every body in MFA to pull up their socks and to put them on a war footing. Not only the new breed of warrior diplomats should be knowledgeable, capable and well-read but they should be tech savvy or computer literate too to be victorious against TNT turned TDT (Tamil New Tigers to Transnational Drealam Tamils).

Sooner rather than later GOSL must come up with an official cyber warfare unit consisting of subject matter experts. As to who they should be I have already passed on to my friends. There are things I will intentionally refuse to talk about in the media as they are vital to preserve national security and counter or thwart terrorist threats.

Let me give you the inside intelligence, you ever wondered why the statements from a ‘state department’ almost always were against Sri Lanka? Brace yourself to hear the truth; “What you guys are doing, the State Department is flooded with ladies with ‘thikkam’ on their foreheads”. This is not something I conjured up. I happened to meet a top level advisor to the State Department, an academic who knows and has worked in Sri Lanka. Those were his words ‘verbatim’!

Let me tell you this: Sri Lanka is nowhere near on the top in a superpower’s State Department’s order of priority list as there is no real or perceived threat from Sri Lanka as a country or from LTTE as an organization. On the top it has the Axis of Evil, Russia and Al-Qaida, to mention a few to take care of. The time is running out, the patient almost exhausted, and all options are on the table as far as some of these countries are concerned. The internecine warfare between drug cartel members on the Mexican border towns is an ankle biter compared to the bigger and volatile issues with the axis of evil. The alleged nuclear proliferation, global terrorism by AQ, two wars in Iraq and AFPAK, counterfeiting dollars at mass scale by a government in recluse, drug trafficking by container loads etc are of more or paramount importance than what is going in Sri Lanka.

In the Secretary’s daily life or her order of the day there are so many things to do and commitments to fulfill. From hair-do to exercise, briefings to speeches, family to friends, reading e-mail to sending e-mails, overseas trips to a friend’s wedding and a whole host of other things. Remember a day has only 24 hours! In her hectic schedule she has no time to slice and dice, analyze and logically think, check the veracity or facts and figure of the statements issued with regard to matters pertaining to or concerning Sri Lanka. In this situation, pressed for time, she just put her Jonny Hancock’s to the statements prepared to be issued against GOSL by her staff, who may either be staff or interns who do not know where Sri Lanka is or a lady with a ‘thikkam’ on the head. Even with more than 5000 people dead and 150000 affected in the Boxing Day Tsunami most of Americans do not know where Sri Lanka is yet but they want everyone to remember 3000 deaths in the World Trade Center! Truth is stranger than fiction!

b. Patriotic Duty of Overseas Sri Lankan Community: Please hear me out! Your support in all ways, shapes and forms was so vital to the defeat of LTTE. Your contributions may not be recognized or would be forgotten in their scramble to claim ‘sole or individual’ credit rather than accepting the ‘team’ award. I am not sure when Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka would wise up.

I know a vast majority of you left Sri Lanka in disgust as you no longer wanted to see evil and injustice and experience ingratitude and backstabbing. The guilty each and every one of you suffers from is that you are what you are thanks to free education received up to university and medicine for life. You tend to appreciate it more when you are overseas and have to spend a lot of money to send your children to colleges and keep them healthy.

When people like Seemen in the film industry and MIA in the music industry with Boyle and Stein in tow are hell-bent of creating a separate state on spurious grounds you should never relax or let your guard down. Your academic background, intellect and right connection at right place at right time, all are very important in this regard to support Sri Lanka and its security forces. You are overseas and know or get to know what the enemy is planning or up to. You need to strengthen and augment the networks you had had in place in the last war. Develop, cultivate and preserve the connections you have had to very important officials and people in your respective county. You need to continue the relentless Information Operations you conducted in the last war. You need to maintain total situational awareness (SA) and situational understanding (SU) as far as the Transnational Drealam Tamils are concerned. In nutshell you need to be a member of a Human Terrain Team at ready with the information and guidance Sri Lanka Special Forces Operators may ask for if there is another war against Drealamists.

c. Duty of Young Officers in the Military: It is very pathetic to see the sorry state of affairs in the Sri Lanka military. The most of officers from general to colonel are beyond redemption and if they are Combat Arms top brass then they are in some politico’s pocket, if they are Combat Support or Combat service Support on some businessman’s bankroll. It is a disgrace to the uniform for military officers to be handled by a rascal politico who is not qualified or fit, physically, mentally, educationally, spiritually and morally to be a ‘lawmaker’ according an observation by the Election Commission himself recently (Vast majority of Sri Lankans knew about that sent them to parliament anyway) or a businessman who earns his filthy lucre by unethical means or questionable means.

I address here the officers in the rank of subaltern to major equivalent in the tri-service and Police Inspectorate.

1. Stay away from politics and live by Army Values- Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage (Moral and Physical) or police code of honor.


“l. You were selected for the post you hold, not because of any particular cleverness, smartness, or goodness on your part, but purely because you had the good fortune to be brought up in such a way that if you strive your utmost you should be able to fill that post efficiently. You have been fed and looked after physically and have been educated and looked after mentally, and must thank those who have given you these advantages and not yourself for the position you now hold.”

2. Maintain physical fitness and mental toughness always.

3. Instill warrior ethos in the subordinates (the soldier's selfless commitment to the nation, mission, unit, and fellow soldiers. It is the professional attitude that inspires every soldier. The Warrior Ethos is grounded in refusal to accept failure. It is developed and sustained through discipline, commitment to the Army Values, and pride in the Army's heritage).

4. Train constantly to be sharp always and use mock scenarios in training to maintain the martial fervor in subordinates.

5. Read, Read, Read! My father always used to say ‘Reading Maketh a Man!’ Remember knowledge is power. This is self-development. This way you can always know what is going on in the world; the unfolding world situation; the new research and development in your field; to educate your subordinate; to be on par with other nations’ military officer when on overseas training, to name a few.

6. Take care of family and spend quality time with your family or girl friend. They will be the only people left with or stay with you through thin or bad times. The others will be with you through thick or good times and will become, overnight, the rats leaving a sinking ship. (You see for yourself the very sad and pathetic nature of the lives of Triple A -Apsara, Aparna and Anoma, SF used to always talk about ambush, ambush, ambush, was away from family fighting the enemy, leading troop and briefing commanders. Now he is spending his life in an inauspicious manner during the Auspicious Time, away from family, not observing movement of the sun from Meena Rashiya (House of Pisces to the Mesha Rashiya (House of Aries)! That is why you need to spend quality time with your family without neglecting them unintentionally.

7. Last but not Least; Never ever allow anyone to take away the Free Education and Free Medicine for Life. In a superpower country the public education system is a real mess and the healthcare is run by the insurance industry mafia. This is firsthand news; a student in Grade 3 cannot multiply 23 by 32! If you do not have the medical insurance you do not have access to quality care. Remember always or never forget what Banda, oops‘Bond’ from Horagolla did; with a stroke of pen he made Sinhala the only official language, all the while an ‘ura’ and satellite were speaking not only English at home but French too. To add insult to injury one of them received education at The University Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) while, they say, some of Bond’s children could NOT produce the original GCE O/L certificates! You, I and every Sri Lankan have suffered enormously due to Bond’s short-sighted policy for more votes, and LTTE used this ‘Sinhala Only’ policy as ‘casus belli’ to wage an unjust war and seek to create a separate country called Drealam! As a soldier son of a soldier my English could have been very much better than this or in fact that of all Sri Lankans. The Sri Lankan expatriate workers in Middle East and all over the world would have been on a better footing. If I was not lucky to receive quality free education I would not have been able to brush shoulders with the powerful militaries in the world and do Sri Lanka proud. I hate Bond forever for the political expediency he resorted to and his policy that have caused untold misery to past, present current and future generation.

d. Duty of the Media (Electronic or Print) and Human Rights Organizations or Activists

The Editors and News Directors need to have a session or healthy dialog every week with behind the closed doors with the Heads of Intelligence units where they would ‘just allude’ (and would never own up) to a ‘national security operation’ just concluded. If there is/are a dead person(s) then the Editors and news editors must understand what it ‘means’ by a ‘national security operation’, without spinning up the story and embarrassing Sri Lanka in general GOSL in particular in the international community.

Some pious fraud would now say this is collusion or collaboration in the murder. I would like to meet those rascals and human rights lawyers who are the first person to bribe a Police OIC to ‘bump off’ the culprit who broke into their house and stole the jewelry of their wife or raped their daughter. Then and for them it does not matter the manner in which or how the culprit is going to die; maybe in a ‘shootout with police’; police retaliated when he threw a hand grenade at the police party when taken to show hidden weapons; or he tried to grab or wrest the weapon out of a constable’s hand, am I right?. Human rights layers and media activists enough is enough. We do not want any more hypocrisy from any quarters.

So I ask politely the media and human rights activists to think of the ‘reality’ rather than ‘fact’. Think of the National Security or the unitary state of Sri Lanka rather than personal profit or gain in monetary terms or fame. Think of a better future for your children and safe return home to for parents and brothers and sisters every day from work or school rather than hearing your son in the school baseball team or your daughter in a netball team died in an explosion triggered by terrorists in a railway station.

As an EXAMPLE, this is NO WAY a ‘Carte Blanc’ for Dr. Silva on his whims and fancies to use talcum ‘powder’ Lal to ‘take care of’ or ‘erase’ political opponents. In that case taking care of the talcum ‘powder’ Lal should be considered a national security issue for 1. Drug running. 2. For setting a precedent to use the bullet to ‘SELECT, not the ballet to ‘ELECT’ the lawmakers or MPs (most of them, though, Mutt Persons)! 3. Habitual or constant thuggery.

Duties of the Human Rights organizations and activists: Act on the case by case basis in the normal daily life of Sri Lanka;

Example 1. A drunken lawyer in a sports utility vehicle, with a group of equally drunk friends, running over a group of pedestrians in Ambalangoda town; The Lilly-White Lawyers on this occasion shamelessly tipping the balance the blindfolded Virgin is holding, without an uproar from activists or Sri Lanka Bar Association.
Example 2. An ex-Air Force Commander, again from Amablanagoda, after an all night drink party and a sexcapade with a widow of an air force officer (Pilot G), the paramour or the KEEP herself an air force officer, forcing one of official drivers to own up to his hit and killing the innocent cleaner of a lorry in a traffic accident. Above the law Almighty Top Brass who browbeat the innocent into unjust submission.

Example 3. An innocent village damsel who was working in the city in a garment factory earning a meager salary sought treatment for her ailments in the belief that a government hospital doctor, for that matter a doctor would hold, live and die by the Socrates Oath. The doctor tricked rather inveigled he, a patient, into a room, a few floors above the ground level. The doctor raped her without shame (let me use some medical terms here-the forcible rupture of hymen against will), killed her in cold blood, dragged her on the floor (you do not do it even to a cadaver in medical school) and pushed her to death i.e. causing to fall under gravity to die on impact (from zero kinetic energy to zero potential energy). The squeaky clean doctors in the GMOA were mum on this, without showing the outrage or the level of outrage when some knucklehead commando killed a doctor in a rage of fit (true he was a soldier, a soldier quick to temper and an isolated incident, not one orchestrated by the ‘army’!)

But when it comes to national security issues or the national security operations by the elite troops of Special Forces and STF in the name of Mother Lanka, I ask the media and human rights organizations and their activists; STAY THE F*CK OFF or STAY THE F*CK AWAY ( Simply, more politely, put; SLIP AWAY)!

e. A New Way of FOREX Generation: Turning an LTTE training complex into an all-weather ready and fully habitable a recreational complex for tourism purposes. The recreational warriors from all over the world on vacation will pay top dollar to shoot, speed drive, jump (parachuting and bungee) and abseiling, and what have you.

This sort of a compound for international recreational warriors will be able to deliver a realistic experience and earn foreign exchange. You can add DZs (Drop Zone), HLZs (Helicopter Landing Zone), configurable shoothouses, breachable entry points, 6 mile off-road tracks, obstacle courses and shooting ranges-outdoor or using indoor EST (Engagement Skill Trainer). OPFOR (Opposing Force) from military and civilian role-players can add more realism.

How about another one complex for Sri Lanka military, a simunitions ready, and SESAMS- Special Effects Small Arms Marking System and flash-bang capable MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) or FIBUA (Fighting in Built up Areas)site with individual rooms configurable for multiple training scenarios in the buildings in Oddusudan named LT Col Lalith Jayasinghe Jungle Training Camp, in one of the LTTE camps to constantly remind the military personnel the sacrifices made by him to liberate Wanni to unite Sri Lanka, and as a constant reminder not to let the guard down!

I believe you can have an ideal site around the Iranamadu Tank so that Navy can play a role with RFDs and speedboat training, and SLAF can develop the airstrip close by for PPL(Private Pilot License) training and rappelling etc. Your imagination is the limit.

~ ~