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Historically, bread is one of humanity’s earliest and most important foods, basically consisting of baked dough—a mixture of flour and water.  In Westernized,developed societies worldwide, wheat flour is most commonly used and the dough is leavened using yeast.  In making bread, the chosen blend of flour is mixed with water, yeast, shortening, salt (and sometimes sugar and milk) to form the dough.  This is then kneaded to distribute the gluten [the grayish, sticky component of wheat flour and other grain flours] throughout the mix, left to rise, kneaded again, moulded into shape and left to rise a second time before baking in a hot oven.  Wheat flour bread is generally high in carbohydrates and low in protein.  The vitamin and mineral content depends on the ingredients and additives used.  It is not a basic item of food in the tropical belt to which it was introduced during the Colonial Era by Europeans whose staple food it was.
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