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Science and Environment/Energy
World renowned Sri Lankan born Professor I M Dharmadasa, who is a Professor of electronic materials and devices at Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom, at a Solar Energy Symposium at Colombo last week said Sri Lanka has the largest drip irrigation system and identified as the hot spot of solar energy applications. He went to say that his vision is to go for renewable energy island. Professor Dharmadasa has been researching on solar energy conversion over the past three decades and promoting renewable energy applications over the past two decades.
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Science and Environment/Energy
Power supply fails due to earthing faults and to over load conditions. The former happens invariably due to wet weather and the latter, which is preventable is due to sudden surge of power mainly arising from industrial loads such as motors etc. These motors which need current consist of two components known as active and reactive. Only the active component is needed to do the useful work that the motors are expected to perform, and the reactive component is also needed only for it to function but not used up for the performance of its duty. Hence, capacitors are installed at site to supply this reactive component of power instead of drawing from the supply mains.
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