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SL’s world competitiveness jumps 17 places to 62 but access to finance is an issue Private sector lending must be increased from 1.7 trillion to Rs. 3.5 trillion for 8% economic growth, but require feasible mega projects. Banking industry profits annually range from Rs. 30 bn – 50 bn. Last week when I was invited to address the 22nd Annual Conference of the Professional Bankers of Sri Lanka on the theme ‘Gearing Up Sri Lanka as the next financial hub, little did I realise that it was going to be a challenging task of balancing my day-to-day work and trying to understand the intrinsic details of the financial industry. My mind went back to the days when I used to head a global multinational company. The holy grail of my boss was ‘become the best learner and you will do well in life’. I yet follow this ethos.
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