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2.7/5 (25 votes)
Religion and Culture/Buddhism
From an ostensibly scientific stance, when a devout, octogenarian Buddhist with an impressive track record of knowledge and experience in engineering science declares that "Ven. Buddhaghosa got it wrong" on Paticcasamuppada the foundational premise...
Sunday, 09 January 2011 | 1035 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Report | Read more
3.0/5 (25 votes)
Religion and Culture/Buddhism
Nirvana is the ultimate goal of all Buddhists. According to Theravada school it can be attained in this life. The only path to attain Nirvana is the Noble Eightfold Path (NEP) which leads to the realization of Four Noble Truths (FNT) and the fourth...
Tuesday, 24 August 2010 | 1372 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Report | Read more
2.8/5 (23 votes)
Religion and Culture/Buddhism
Nikini full moon day falls one month after the commencement of "Wassana Kala", the rainy season. Monks who have not commenced Was’ on Esala Poya commence it on the Nikini Poya Pasu Vas). Since three months from Esala is the rainy season, Bhikkus...
Tuesday, 24 August 2010 | 2702 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Report | Read more
2.5/5 (24 votes)
Religion and Culture/Buddhism
The search for a spiritual path is born out of suffering. It does not start with lights and ecstasy, but with the hard tacks of pain, disappointment, and confusion. However, for suffering to give birth to a genuine spiritual search, it must amount...
Monday, 31 May 2010 | 1024 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Report | Read more
2.8/5 (25 votes)
Religion and Culture/Buddhism
In the 2554th year of the Buddhist era, human beings – members of the species Homo sapiens sapiens -  total some 6.8 billion individuals.  There are an estimated total of over 2 million separate species of animals, plants and microorganisms,...
Monday, 31 May 2010 | 998 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Report | Read more

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