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Gale force winds blow away roofs

Gale force winds swept through Matara, Hambantota and Gampaha on Tuesday night and early yesterday morning causing severe damage to 88 buildings

Deputy Director of Media at the Disaster Management Centre, Sarath Lal Kumara told The Island that the affected buildings were partially damaged but one house in Ranna was completely destroyed.


Sarath Fonseka’s Second War

The presidential pardon to General Sarath Fonseka (officially it is ‘ex-General’ as he has been stripped of his hard earned rank) after he completed only two years of a three-year jail sentence should come as no surprise.

As things happen in the Island nation, the idea touched off speculations on when and how he will be released. Of course, there was a lot of build up before it really happened with the perennial political go-between Tiran Alles MP took up the General’s case for pardon with his one time pal - the President. And the former Army Chief comes up once again in national focus with the speculation on what is he going to do?


President's signature to bring about Fonseka's release

It has been learnt that President Mahinda Rajapaksa has signed papers for the release of jailed former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka.
The papers are expected to be sent to the Ministry of Justice on Monday.


I know the identity of the LTTE activist who killed my parents 22 years ago

If I name him my three children could lose their father - Arun Thambimuttu

Political activist from Batticaloa, Arun Thambimuttu has been threatened, abused and called as a ‘traitor’ by pro-LTTE lobbyists in the UK after he spoke at the Frontline Club debate on Sri Lanka last week.

While BBC Hardtalk host Stephen Sackur chaired the debate, journalist, filmmaker and director of both Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields and Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished, Callum Macrae, spokesperson for Tamils Aginst Genocide (TAG), Jan Jananayagam, Amnesty International’s Sri Lanka researcher, Yolanda Foster and adviser to the President on Reconciliation Professor, Rajiv Wijesinha MP were amongst the speakers.

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